The Cane Masters

Padded Training Cane


An exclusive training cane made in the USA, this fully-padded training cane is designed by Shihan Dana Abbott. A self-defense stick measuring 37" in length, this padded cane is a tool that can be used for full contact training of strikes and blocks with the proper safety equipment (not included). It is an unassuming tactical self-defense cane for you to practice and perfect proper defensive training. While we hope you never have to use one of our canes for self-defense, our padded training canes are the perfect practice canes to help you better learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones. Each walking cane or hiking stick comes with a standard black rubber cane tip.

The 11,600 psi high tensile nylon bushing used in the construction of this full-technique cane allows it to flex and return without losing its original shape. As a result, the cane can be used to safely perform takedowns and techniques at realistic speeds and under realistic conditions. A foam-layered outer shell lessens wear and tear on the self-defense stick by flexing and transferring the force of the user's strike through the cane during a strike. This flex system enables the user to practice in realistic scenarios and execute full-contact strikes without suffering or inflicting an injury. Comes in either red or black.

  • Variant: Red or Black 

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