Personal Protection Walking Cane Plus

The Only Walking Cane You’ll Ever Need
The Personal Protection Walking Cane, your shield of strength and security. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted from select American hardwoods, it's your steadfast ally for daily peace of mind, offering both support and protection.

Personal Protection Walking Cane Plus

The Only Walking Cane You’ll Ever Need
The Personal Protection Walking Cane, your shield of strength and security. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted from select American hardwoods, it's your steadfast ally for daily peace of mind, offering both support and protection.
Choose a wood species: Oak
Choose a Stain: Tung oil finish
All of our canes come with a tung oil finish, providing a fully waterproof layer and a glossy finish. Our stains are an optional upgrade which permanently change the color of the wood.
Choose length of Cane*
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About this cane

  • 1" round
  • Signature horn
  • Palm rest
  • Top grips extended
  • Bottom grips
  • Tung oil finish
  • Rubber tip
Signature horn
Rubber tip

Crafted in the USA

American Craftsmanship at Its Finest: Our canes are more than walking aids; they're masterpieces of craftsmanship. Made in the USA, each cane represents our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We ensure that every cane not only adheres to, but surpasses, the highest standards of excellence. Choosing our American-made canes means you value durability, reliability, and style, all wrapped in the spirit of American heritage.

Palm Rest

The Palm Rest was specifically designed for effective weight distribution, it makes every movement easier and more comfortable. Alleviate any body pain and transform your walking experience into a seamless, pain-free journey. Opt for a cane with our Palm Rest and step confidently into a life of enhanced comfort and mobility.

How to Choose the Right Cane Length?

Follow these easy steps to measure the ideal cane size tailored for you:

  • Stand Upright in Your Walking Shoes: Wear your usual walking shoes. Stand straight and relax your arms by your sides.
  • Measure Your Height in Shoes: Record your total height in inches while wearing your shoes. For instance, if you’re 5 feet 10 inches tall in shoes, that’s 70 inches.
  • Calculate Your Ideal Cane Length:Divide your height (in inches) by two to find the base cane length.
  • Add an extra half-inch for optimal sizing.
  • Example: If you’re 70 inches tall, half of that is 35 inches. Adding half an inch gives you a cane length of 35.5 inches. Similarly, for a height of 64 inches, the cane length should be 32.5 inches.

The measurement calculator can be found on each product page.

What are the differences in the wood types?

Oak:Rich in texture and color, Oak offers a timeless look with superior strength, perfect for elegant and long-lasting canes

Hickory:Crafted from the resilient outer layers of the Hickory tree, our canes exhibit a uniform, light-colored grain, embodying both a sleek, contemporary look and the inherent strength for which Hickory is renowned

Hickory with Heartwood:Our Hickory with Heartwood canes display a captivating interplay of light sapwood and dark heartwood, creating a striking natural contrast. This blend not only offers a unique visual appeal but also combines the resilience of both wood types for a cane that is as sturdy as it is beautiful.

Pure Hickory:Pure Hickory, sourced from the rare heartwood at the tree’s center, showcases an exclusive, deep-toned appearance, symbolizing both rarity and unmatched strength for a distinguished and robust cane.

Lead time for crafting the cane?

Each cane is crafted to order with the utmost care. Our current lead time is 2-3 weeks, ensuring both quality and craftsmanship are performed to provide you with a cane to last a lifetime.

Where are the canes crafted?

Our canes are meticulously crafted by a team of passionate experts in South Florida. Each artisan on our team brings a wealth of skill and dedication to the craft, ensuring that every cane is not just a support tool, but a piece of art.

How are the canes and walking sticks shipped?

Our canes and walking sticks are shipped via UPS Ground, ensuring reliable and trackable delivery. We also offer an expedited delivery option for those who need their cane sooner.

Please note that since our canes are made-to-order, choosing expedited delivery will quicken the shipping time but not the crafting process.

What is the function of the palm rest?

The palm rest is thoughtfully designed to enhance comfort and usability. Molded to fit the shape of your hand and palm, it allows for a secure grip, minimizing strain on the hand and wrist.

This design is particularly effective in evenly distributing your weight throughout the cane, offering better balance and control. It’s a great feature for those with weaker grip strength or conditions like arthritis.

Additionally, the palm rest helps in distributing weight throughout your body, relieving pressure off areas like a bad hip, knee, or ankle.

This makes the cane not just a support for walking, but also a tool for managing discomfort and aiding in mobility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gary Hebert

Very fuctional and handi, nice piece of workmanship

Thomas Minihan
Easy on the hand when walking and confident grip for defense!

Hickory offers a solid support with a very smooth feel. The notched staff offers a confident grip when moving into a defensive posture without having to visually check your hand positions. Allows you to keep yours eyes on your adversary/adversaries.

Palm Rest Cane

I bought this palm rest cane with the gunstock. It’s very comfortable and I use it mostly for maintaining my balance, although it does come in handy when my knees are giving me trouble and I find it hard to get up off the floor. The grooves at the top can grasped with one hand while I push downward with the other.

My Main Cane

The cane I purchased from Cane Masters is very well made, extremely sturdy and gives me a sense of security I did not have with other canes. Thanks for your craftsmanship.

Roberto Telles
In My Opinion

Im so satisfied with my cane I can’t say enough. Im looking forward to my next purchase and can’t wait to show them off. Your the best,

Janet Miller
Great Cane

I purchased a black cane with wrist rest. I'm short (5'3") and purchased their shortest cane. It's perfect!
I don't use a cane all the time, just when I'm going somewhere there will be a lot of walking like a county fair or the boardwalk. It has been so good. First the height has made all the difference. I've used commercial canes and they were apparently too tall for me because by the end of the day my arm and wrist would be killing me because of the unnatural angle I had to use to hold the cane. The wrist rest is a life saver also.
I also like the hook of the cane because it hangs on to what you rest it on. Other canes just slip off and hit the floor.
When ordering just be patient as it did take about 3 weeks to be made and mailed but it was worth the wait.

Gary Melzer
way too long two months

cane looks great but i ordered 101 st Airborne tag ang got 82 Airborne instead so i bought an aftermarket 101 pin and attached it to the cane and it looks great
it took two months to fill order and product support was minimal

Reo Davis
Recent cane purchase

Really happy with my new cane. Seems I ordered during a transition period. Keep up the good work. I’ll need another one soon.

John Nieters

I already owned a personal protection walking card and had also given one to my brother on his 60th birthday. I got the red stain and the additional hand piece. I don’t need the cane anymore but I want to use it everywhere that I go. Looks GREAT, feels great, and is very balanced.

Donald Morris
Good product

The cane is beautiful! The two colors in the wood are excellent. The grip and the palm rest feel perfect! If I hadn't ordered the engraving, I would have given 5 stars, it is disappointing.