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Do you need a replacement tip for your canw. Order a replacement rubber tips for your cane here on the Cane Master website. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let us know which model  and shaft diameter of the cane you need the tips for!

  • Shipping Weight : 0.05lbs
  • Manufactured by : Cane Masters
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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Rochel
Heavy duty tips

They are quite a bit beefier than standard tips. Should last a long time!!

They really are heavy duty !

I’d guess almost twice as large as the standard tip ! Will probably add an inch to the length of your cane. The picture IS NOT what I recievied.

Great cane unfortunately stolen

I haven’t learned to keep track of my cane!

Sunday morning I was unloading groceries from the grocery cart into the car when my cane disappeared from my shopping cart. I didn’t notice it was missing until I drove out of the parking lot. I turned around, went back and couldn’t find it. I’ve checked lost and found at the grocery store daily but no luck. (They did have some metal, collapsing canes folks hadn’t come back for). It never occurred to me that someone would steal a cane! I’ve been relegated to the old collapsible metal cane which I like much less.

The worst part of it is how long I have to wait for a replacement from you!!

Rod Garren
Superb Craftsmanship

Couldn't be happier with the new cane! Beautifully made, comfortable in the hand, functional in every way and spot on regarding the modifications I requested.

Robert Moo Young

We love the canes and wish we had them years ago. Highly recommend them.

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