More Than Just A Walking Cane

Cane Masters has been crafting custom canes for over 20 years to provide the highest quality canes specifically made for each customer. Cane Masters was built on a foundation of Martial Arts and Self Protection but with the quality standards of our canes being top notch it has allowed us to serve everybody who wants a high functioning and expectional cane.

Cane Masters is a place for people to get creative and imbed their touch on the canes they design. We create canes for those who want a cane to be proud of and is truly one of one. Your Cane Masters cane will be of the upmost quality, useful and an extension of yourself. We craft canes to last a lifetime and can be useful in self protection if needed.

We source all of our materials within the US and manufacture your cane in South Florida by our talented team of master craftsman. Our service to you is very important and we believe that each customer deserves the personal experience that we’re famous for. Using a cane is something to be proud of and to show who you are as an individual. Move with confidence, move with Cane Masters!


History of Cane Masters

H Keith Melton purchased the assets (name, trademarks, and IP) of Cane Masters Inc. from Mark Shuey in January 2020. The company relocated to a larger workshop in Boca Raton, Fl.

Melton is a graduate of the US Naval Academy (Class of 1966) and a Vietnam Combat Veteran. He received his first-degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do while serving alongside the Republic of Korea (ROK) marines in 1968 in Hoi An, South Vietnam.

Melton became an accomplished businessman and, for 32 years, was one of the largest owners of McDonald's Restaurants in the US. He is also an accomplished author and television producer.

In 2019 Melton was awarded the rank of Master in the American Cane Self Defense system training under Grand Master Joe Robaina in Miami, FL. He was awarded a 5th Degree Black Belt title of Canemaster from GM Mark Shuey in February 2020. In 2021 Melton was awarded the rank of Sr. Master of the Cane from Grand Master Robaina.

In December 2021, Melton sold the Cane Masters LLC company to his son, Luke Murphy, the company's COO. Melton still serves as the company's president and advisor.