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Conquered the Narrows

I used my training cane through the Utah Narrows hike.
8 mile round trip mostly hiking in the stream. Never got dunked in the river. Most people had double hiking poles or long walking staffs. The cane was much easier to carry and you can really lean on it in the faster moving water, saw a few broken aluminum poles. It was very comfortable to use and carry.

The Round Dojo Walking Canes

Good afternoon
I am Very Happy to give you a Most positive assessment of the
Round Dojo Walking Canes.
Right now I am dealing with arthritis ( Spinal osteoarthritis, and even some arthritis in my knees ) I have 2 Round Dojo Canes :
In oak and Hickory. These Canes help to keep my spine erect !
I am 65 years old now, and I want to walk Erect and Straight for as long as I can.
Moreover - I have practiced Martial Arts throughout My life. I plan to return to the Martial Arts ( probably Krav Maga - which does have a stick fighting component). These Canes can help me in that regard as well. So - I am pleased and satisfied with these Canes.
My only question is - do you sell Cane Masters T - shirts ? I would like to buy one.
OK - another satisfied customer here. Have a good summer and stay safe.
Lloyd Byron Jones

A great cane for the price

I bought one with the copper tip and am tempted to buy another. I could not find any flaws. I gave mine 7 or 8 coats of tung oil and if I do decide to buy another I will probably make it into a project cane by staining it in my choice of colour and giving it multiple coats of Tung oil.

Bo staff customization

Ordered a 60" hickory Bo and personalized it by carving hand grips and finger notches at strategic balance points along the shaft. Then burned in my own designs with a wood burning tool. Tung oil finish. A very nice hike Ng staff as well as potential defense tool.

Satisfied Customer

Worth the wait...excellent quality...
Would recommend and I will definitely
Purchase another Cane from your company.

Sturdy and well made

Octagonal Dojo Training Walking Cane

Jonathan Jones

Thank you so much!

Excellent cane

I am extremely impressed by the quality workmanship. The cane is attractive to carry yet it is a formidable self defense tool. I have ordered a second cane of a different design. I look forward to receiving that additional cane.

Rubber Tips
Earl Moss
Rubber Tips

The tips did the job and made the cane’s the correct size.

Sturdy Cane

This cane gives me confidence in my gait and security in warding off any potentially dangerous encounters. It's a sturdy, blemish free piece of hickory, strong and a classic design.


Very fuctional and handi, nice piece of workmanship

Kingsbury plus

Beautiful cane. Well finished. Sturdy. Palm rest is a great idea.

Beautiful Cane

Everything I hoped for. I will treasure it forever.

Levi Mangiboyat

Love it

First Cane

Great quality, not disappointed!

Every Day Walking Cane
Lou Degregorio
Every Day Walking Can

Comfortable, well balanced

Octagonal Dojo Training Walking Cane

Great Collection

The Every Day Walking Cane Plus is a nice addition to my collection….my fourth purchase…very nice indeed

Stealth Traveler Walking Cane
Christoph Graulich
nice defence Cane

First the bads:
I woudn't order the Paracord-Option again. It's a little to short, to wrap it around my wrist. It has grip, no questtion, even in that rainy summer ín Germany. The knot losens, anyway, I would make my own Paracord-Knots around it. But, this isn't a big issue. So still 4.5 Stars for the cane.
The Delivery tooked long; there where over 20 Stations and it was interesting, watching it online, where it was.

About the cane itself:
I like it, it's a fine woodwork, looks beautyfull and helps me a lot in dayly walking, even whith my dogs.
Still there ist the option for self defence, which isn't that important in the countryside of Germany, but you never know and I belive its better to be prepared.
Thank you for that verry nice product
Sincerely Chris

Got the teardrop cane it’s beautiful next cane shadow hawk or stealth traveler

Traveler Stealth Cane

At my age very few products exceed my expectations but this cane absolutely does!
I really didn’t know how badly I needed it for mobility but it has surely improved my daily life and is a work of natural beauty. I don’t leave my house without it and am even exercising with it per some very helpful videos from the same company. Cane Masters I’m proud to own one of your canes and to know it was made in USA! Thank-you!

Excellent craftsmanship!

Very happy with my pp cane! Hickory has a beautifull grain and color. Very nicely crafted. Many thanks! Can’t wait to find someone to be on the receiving end of it, for self defense of course!

Mark Bourn
Love it!

I absolutely love this cane. I wanted something that would be a good defensive cane but that would not look “scary” when out in public. I opted for this cane in gunstock brown with no engraving. I have already gotten many compliments on it.

Easy on the hand when walking and confident grip for defense!

Hickory offers a solid support with a very smooth feel. The notched staff offers a confident grip when moving into a defensive posture without having to visually check your hand positions. Allows you to keep yours eyes on your adversary/adversaries.