• New Hartford, New York WTK TV
    In this day and age a self-defense class is definitely a good idea, and Saturday some local veterans took part in a very unique one in New Hartford. Sitrin Health Care Center hosted a cane self-defense seminar. The event was made possible with the help of Secure Living Online and the American Martial Arts Institute.
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  • Spokane, Washington KHQ TV
    GM Shuey and GM Thom Forman went to Spokane where they put on a Warrior Cane Project Seminar. Below is a report by KHQ television about the event:
    Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather KHQ.com
  • Lake Tahoe TV
    Check out the interview of Mark by Mike Peron of Lake Tahoe TV.
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  • Whistlekick.com
    GM Shuey was recently interviewed by Jeremy Lesniak of Whistlekick.com for their podcast. Click the image below to listen to the recording.
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  • Standard Examiner
    This article written by Stephanie Chambers, is about Al Hawley and entitled Northern Utah veteran finds empowerment, purpose through cane fu self-defense.
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  • 20/20 with Host Chris Cuomo | September 7, 2012
    Pictured here Cane-Fu Instructor Mike Patterson with 20/20 film crew. Mark and Mike were all involved with the production of Seniors Fighting Back produced by Eamon McNiff of ABS News for the 20/20 news journal. Along with a cane class from the Edgar Johnson Senior Center in Palatka Florida, self-defense techniques and strategies using the cane were shown and offered as an efficient and effective way for seniors to protect themselves.
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  • KIROTV.COM | June 2012
    Here is a recent story of a woman in Spokane Washington who took matters into her own hands!
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  • The Wall Street Journal | July 2008
    This article, written by Jennifer Levitz, was seen on the front page of the second section and the term Cane-Fu was coined.
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  • The Colbert Report | June 2009
    Stephen Colbert is famous for his tongue-in-cheek satires of events of the day, including Cane Masters! On the Enemy Within segment, Mr. Colbert took a humorous jab at Mark Shuey Sr. and seniors learning to use the cane. This is a MUST watch!
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  • The Associated Press | March 2009
    Craig Litten wrote this article for the AP and it was picked up by many regional papers, including the Gainsville Sun.
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  • CBS News | July 2009
    Watch a group of women practice the art of Cane-Fu. These ladies are NOT to be messed with!
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  • USA Today | July 2009
    Another in the national series of articles about Cane-Fu and using the cane for self-defense.
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