What is the World's Best Self-Defense Cane?

What is the World's Best Self-Defense Cane?

What is the World's Best Self-Defense Cane?
By Master H Keith Melton, President, Cane Masters LLC

Here at Cane Masters, we enjoy spending time with our customers and friends to design custom engraved canes for their needs. Since every cane we craft is unique, we help our customers navigate the many options available, answer questions, and offer recommendations based upon our years of experience. Invariably, several times a day, we'll receive a question asking what is "the very best self-defense cane." Our answer to that question is the topic of today's blog.

The masterfully crafted cane we designed just for you is of no use if left at home in the closet or kept on display in your study. If your cane isn't in your hand when you need it for mobility or self-defense, it has limited value to you!

I carry a cane with me whenever I am away from my home… not "most of the time," but ALL OF THE TIME! Additionally, I keep a 24-inch mini-cane with a glass breaker tip between my car seat and the center console. I use it to break the side windows if I drive into one of our many lakes or canals in Florida. It also makes a powerful defensive tool for use in close quarters, such as the inside of my SUV.

At home, I position a training cane discreetly adjacent to the primary entrance and exits and have one in my bedroom. Though I also have a concealed carry permit, the quick access to my cane(s) at home offers more protection during the daytime than my pistol, which is always locked in a gun safe.

I'm not paranoid, but a realist. Reading the headlines about the latest wave of violence in cities across the country confirms that I must accept the personal responsibility for my protection and that of my family.  With civil disorder spreading in many parts of the country, and movements underway to defund the police, there may be not be an officer available to answer your 911 call.

All of our Cane Master canes… from training and dojo canes to our finely crafted Grand Master and our walking sticks and staff, are rugged and built to be used for personal protection and mobility. However, if you don't have your cane with you when the threat appears, you may learn a hard lesson. Predators don't announce their evil intentions before launching an attack, and you will not have time to return to your car for your cane.  

Getting in the habit of carrying your cane with you whenever you are away from your home and out of your automobile will be one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and your loved ones while providing mobility assistance at the same time! The "world's best self-defense cane" is the one that you have with you when you need it!