The Zombie Apocalypse and Five Reasons I Carry A Cane

The Zombie Apocalypse and Five Reasons I Carry A Cane

As President of Cane Masters LLC, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of handcrafted canes for mobility and personal protection. Because I carry my cane with me everywhere, friends, colleagues, and even strangers often ask me to explain why they always see me with it in my hand.

1.    Zombie Apocalypse: The situation is not quite as bad as it sounds, and there are not creatures out there waiting to eat our brains. Unfortunately, however, scenes on television recently show entire sections of cities pillaged and burning during the night. These images are more consistent with scenes from the hit AMC television series The Walking Dead than with traditional life in America. While I support the right of assembly and peaceful protest, after dark, these same protests are often hijacked and subverted by organized gangs of rioters and looters. Long after the peaceful protestors have gone home, rioters destroy businesses and burn buildings while cloaking their criminal activity as a “peaceful protest.” Compounding the problem in many of our cities is the apathy of elected local politicians who refuse to take action as their cities burn. Our law enforcement officers are often outmanned, outmaneuvered, and frequently not allowed to enforce the law. Without police protection, firefighters can’t suppress fires. Should your family be in danger during these events, your 911 calls may go unanswered.

Unfortunately, we are at a time in our society that in some large cities, we may no longer depend on police protection. More than any other time in my lifetime, I must accept personal responsibility as the primary protector of my family.

2.    Personal Protection: My mobility and personal protection canes are the most effective and versatile tools I have available to me. I also have a Concealed Carry Permit. However, if I detect a threat to myself or my family, which is 20 feet away, which of them is a more effective for self-defense? My concealed pistol or the cane in my hand? Testing has shown that it takes at least two seconds to draw a gun from its concealment, and a bad guy can cover 21 feet at the same time. The result is that your attacker is on top of you before you can defend yourself. However, a cane in your hand can be ready for action within a fraction of a second. A well-selected self defense walking cane, together with practical training, provides you with the ability to control your environment, protect your family, and offers a non-lethal alternative to the use of a firearm. A cane gives you the ability to disable an attacker long enough to affect an escape, seek safe shelter, and make a report to authorities. Even if there is no immediate police response to aid you, it is essential to make an official record of being attacked.

The overlapping state laws that govern my right to carry a concealed pistol when traveling outside of Florida are confusing and continually changing. However, I can carry my cane with me anytime and anywhere. My cane is in my hand whenever I’m away from my home.

Smash and grab burglaries, and home invasions are on the rise. As a result, I position a cane adjacent to the entrances/exits to my homes. The person appearing at your front door dressed to resemble a UPS delivery man may be a criminal wearing brown shorts, shirt, and cap with plans to rush into your home and rob you. Such crimes become even more prevalent when police are distracted by significant disturbances elsewhere. Having a cane immediately at hand provides an effective means of personal protection to deter a disguised criminal.

The cane is an unparalleled personal protection tool that you have the legal right to carry with you at all times. However, to protect yourself, you must be trained in cane defensive techniques and never leave your cane at home!

3.    MOBILITY: A horned cane, as opposed to a straight walking stick, is one of the most useful versatile ambulatory tools ever created. After earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do while serving in Viet Nam in 1969, I’ve accumulated lots of wear and tear to my body. From Sciatica to a replaced knee, broken ankle, multiple broken ribs, and three back surgeries and fusions, I depend on my cane for daily mobility. I often need it if I’m walking for any distance, standing in one place for too long, and especially when getting in and out of some automobiles. My cane is my friend and is always with me when I’m outside my home and wherever I travel.


4.    Heath and Exercise: My cane also serves as my portable gym. Because I often arrive at hotels late at night, I know that I can always perform an exercise routine inside my hotel room. BTW: apologies to Hilton Hotels for the damage to the mirror in my room in Berlin, the two lamps in SLC and NYC, and the flat-screen TV in DC. Hilton has been very understanding, except for the TV set. When I add my set of rubber resistance bands to my cane, it allows me to get a full-body workout. The more I use my cane, and the more I train with my cane, the more comfortable it is in my hand. The cane training exercises and routines I use nightly challenge my body, as well as my brain.

By minimizing carbohydrates in my diet, and exercising a minimum of an hour daily, I’ve seen my weight drop each month. In a little more than a year, I have reshaped my body and significantly enhanced my health and energy level. I awaken earlier, sleep better, and look forward to my daily workouts. Additionally, my blood pressure has dropped, and my resting pulse is down to 46 BPM. It has been 30 years since I was at this level of conditioning. My cane is an indispensable tool for my lifestyle, personal protection, and health.

5.    Right to Carry: I have the lawful right to carry my cane with me anywhere, anytime, and on any form of transportation. To help you understand the legal safeguards that protect your right to carry a cane, we created a Mobility Card to carry in your purse or wallet. The card cites the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which affirms that my walking cane is approved for use in all public transportation, public spaces, and workplaces. It further references the HIPPA Privacy Rule of 2003, limiting anyone’s right to question you about your medical history, health, infirmities, or reasons for carrying a cane. Finally, The Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) explicitly allows the use of a walking cane, to be taken on a flight with you, or inside your checked luggage.

Despite the challenging times we live in, you have the right to carry a cane for mobility, health, and self-defense.