The Value of a Palm Rest

The Value of a Palm Rest

The Value of a Palm Rest

     The Palm Rest is a very advantageous addition to any walking, personal protection, or tactical cane. It serves multiple purposes from medical to defensive. The Palm Rest takes up an area of about 3” on the outside of the crook and is attached to the cane with several properly placed dowels. Depending on the design chosen it will extend out from the crook 2 to 5 inches. We offer 6 different styles, and all fulfill these same basic placement and purposes.

     The medical uses of the Palm Rest are many. Whether the need be for the balancing benefit, the resting benefit, or the help it can provide when rising from a sitting position, the palm rest is the “go to” to assist in the medical needs category. Using the cane with a palm rest gives that added support needed when one has balance issues or a steadying effect for anyone when walking on uneven terrain. When one is walking a distance and gets weary, the palm rest provides a stable resting and leaning point. When using it to help with getting out of a low sitting position it allows for 2 hand placement, one hand on the top of the crook and the other hand on the palm rest and pulling up from that chair becomes much easier. This is especially useful in medical situations of knee, hip, back issues and with those that just want that added support area.

     The defensive measure offered by the palm rest is also noteworthy. This aspect of the Cane Master’s cane has been a part of the offerings for nearly 20 years. It was once called the “headknocker” as it is a large chunk of wood at the top of the cane that can be used in a defensive manner. In a dangerous situation it is a heavy object at the top of the cane that one can use to deter a wild animal while out for a daily walk, or to deter an approaching “would be” attacker.  The methods for this usage are many and training with the cane is always recommended for those utilizing this aspect of a Cane Master’s Cane. Please see our listed Training Materials on the bottom of our home page for details.

      The Palm Rest extends from the back of the crook and cannot be combined with a striking edge on the back of the crook, as these two items would take up the same position on crook. The Palm Rest covers an approximate 3 inch area on the back of the crook and depending on the horn chosen will extend from the crook approximately 2 to 5 inches. The choice of style is largely a personal preference made according to the look an individual wishes to achieve. It is a separate piece of wood that is matched as closely as possible to the wood of the cane itself. The Palm Rest attaches to the crook with several properly placed dowels to insure a tight and uniform look. Each of the Palm Rests provide comfort and stability and are placed according to the height/length of the cane. The hand should be placed on the crook itself with the back of the palm resting in the small area between the crook and the Palm Rest itself.

      When choosing a Palm Rest please note that all of them are comfortable but some are just a little bigger or most importantly shaped a little different from the others. The first and most popular we offer is the Short Palm rest. This is a more compact design that does not extend as far out from the cane as the other selections, but which offers a unique feature that the other palm rests do not. Under the backside of the short palm rest it is constructed into a striking edge that is a bit sharp and a very useful protective asset. This Palm Rest is also the best choice for those that due to health concerns lean the weight of the body heavily on the cane. The next model is the Roster Tail Palm Rest, this one offers a bit longer option with a slight upward turn that is very nice to look at and is the 2nd most popular Palm Rest we sell. The third is the Rounded Palm Rest. This Palm rest is made rounded to diminish all edges which results in a smoother look and feel. The exact opposite of the rounded would be the Triangle Palm rest that offers a sharper point at the tip of the Palm Rest. The Traditional Derby Palm Rest would be considered the largest palm rest we offer. It starts at the base with the same 3 inch area but does not narrow as much as the other choices, it is also a bit longer than the other choices and with the squared off tip just gives the appearance of being larger. The Classic Derby Palm rest is also a larger palm rest but gives a slight downward turn at the tip.

     The recommendation for a palm rest will always be for the customer to choose the one that is the most visually pleasing. In this the customer is creating the cane that is their very own.  This is written in the hopes of clearing up some of the questions on choosing a palm rest. Please feel free to ask questions and contact us at

Thank you for being a Cane Masters customer

Melissa at Cane Masters