Discussing the Horn Styles

Discussing the Horn Styles
In an effort to help clarify the different style horns Cane Masters’ offer, I will first point out we have 16 different horns offered on our Design Your Own Cane page. I am going to help categorize them in 3 categories that I hope will help the customer when designing a cane or looking at the different style of canes we have on our site canemasters.com.


Out of the 16 styles of horns we have the first category is going to be benign or the least offensive we offer – the basic soft horns that can be used in the training atmosphere and offer the least chance of harming another individual. They would be the inside cut horn – which is predominately found on our dojo and training canes and the round horn which is both good in training and next the Chisel tip horn – the chisel tip horn offers a finger groove and a blunted squared off tip. The next step up in utility would be the Gentleman’s Horn, which offers a very refined look with protective utility without being overtly an offensive tip. It has a finger groove, is slightly squared off but still useful enough to be considered a personal protection option.

Generally, I recommend this one for the person that wants to be able to use it for defense but does not want it to look like a defensive piece. Next, we have a host of sharper horns I am going to try to categorize as the least sharp to the most sharp and defensive we offer. The training Street Horn, the Elite Horn, the Bird’s head horn (standard), The Duck Bill Horn, and the DTNC horn are in this mid-range area where they are sharp but not considered overtly so, the DTNC horn is not sharp – but due to the scalloped edges cane really make an impact – personal protection wise – therefore the DTNC stands for “DON’T TAKE NO CRAP”. Next, we have the listing of overtly sharp and definitely offensive looking horns that are excellent for self-defense, personal protection and Tactical uses – The Tactical Street Horn, the Sharp Bird’s Head Horn, the Viper’s Head Horn, the Shark’s Tooth Horn, The Swan Head Horn, the Defender Horn, and the Fangs Horn. Many of these offer the option of eyes or offer that finger groove that our customers seem to love.

I hope this helps as you look over our canes and or set about designing your own cane. If you have questions feel free to ask.

At your service.
Melissa Leach-Stopjik -CANE MASTERS Associate.