Warrior Cane Project


In 2002 GM Shuey met a man who was as passionate about the cane for self-defense as he is; Thomas Forman, owner of Valhalla Security Consulting. They immediately formed a bond and friendship around their desire to teach and promote the use of the cane to disabled military veterans, and thus the Warrior Cane Project was created.

Using their combined talents and background in martial arts and self-defense tactics, they created an effective and efficient system of self-defense using the cane that is easily adapted to our Wounded Warriors. As a result of the popularity and enthusiasim around the program, as well as at the urging of various veterans groups, Mark and Tom have opened up these impactful seminars to all military veterans.

Training our Military Veterans in Combat Cane serves to:

  •     Help with physical rehabilitation for those who are disabled
  •     Build morale among disabled and able veterans
  •     Allow a Wounded Warrior to maintain partial or full active duty service
  •     Empower Veterans to remain Warriors

Help Train Military Veterans Nationwide

Through donations to this non-profit organization, Mark and Tom have been able to offer 3 hour cane workshops and a cane free of charge to all military veterans across the country. And the response has been overwhelming; not simply in the attendance, but more importantly in the mental and emotional “shift” they have seen in these men and women realizing that the cane is not a crutch!

The Warrior Cane Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that can only survive with your donations. There is absolutely no charge incurred by any veteran who attends one of these seminars.

Organize a FREE 3 Hour Cane Seminar

The Warrior Cane Project is offering a free 3 hour cane seminar for groups of 25 or more military veterans, which includes a free cane ($225 value). In order keep this event free for the attendees, we are asking for financial support to cover travel and lodging expenses for Mr. Shuey and/or Mr. Forman. For more information or to schedule an event, please contact: Cane Masters (800)422-2263 or email info@canemasters.com

Would you please make a donation today to help a brave Warrior who served our country? We cannot continue to offer these free seminars without your support!

Make your donation through Paypal by submitting a payment to:

or send your check to:

Warrior Cane Project
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